If you want some good ol’ rock n’ roll, The Family Business is up your alley! Based out of Madison, WI, these guys are sure to satisfy your need to rock!



You may not have heard of Kurt Gunn; he’s far more interested in writing and performing music than promoting himself. But with five solo albums to his credit, and nominations for Singer Songwriter of the Year, and Male Vocalist of the Year by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry, Gunn’s fan base has grown steadily, as his talented guitar work, turned phrases, and unique, impassioned songwriting continually garner attention in Green Bay and beyond. Kurt tastefully appropriates whichever styles best accompany his story-songs, capturing crowds whether he’s leading a fluid cast of sympathetic musicians, or simply strumming and picking solo. Ultimately, Gunn’s ability to lend both gravity and levity to his work — sometimes within a single song — is what will stun his listeners for years to come.

Spend an evening with this Grooving Americana Cinematic Indie Rock band! It is certainly something special that doesn’t make it’s way to this neck of the woods too often.
Deep in South Central Kentucky authentic music is alive and well through native musicians who are still testifying to brothers and sisters all around the world. OTIS has taken in a steady diet of Roots, Blues, and Classic Rock and Roll, and created their own unique sound. OTIS draws from the raw electric sounds of Muddy Waters and stirs in a heavy influence of Southern sounds, courtesy of The Allman Brothers Band, Wet Willie, and more. This sums up what the sound of OTIS is musically and gives a glimpse into the sound and soul of the four-piece band.
The members of OTIS consist of Boone Froggett vocals/guitar, Steve Jewell guitar, John Seeley bass, and Andrew Gilpin drums. The members of OTIS share the same vision of writing and creating organic music while taking their audience to church by hitting on all emotions. If a stage filled with vintage music gear and Blues flavored Rock and Roll music is something you enjoy, then it’s time to drink from the healing waters of OTIS!

Decades ago, before the first rock and roll idols turned music into a product, musicians played music the way cobblers mended shoes and carpenters built homes. It was a trade like any other job and men did it for work, for wage. Young men would pack their station wagons with gear and travel from city to city to play their songs. For these musicians, it was not only all they wanted to do but all they could do. They were not in search of fame or fortune. It was simply a life in music. Welcome to the world of Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo.

Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo’s music is unwavering, filtering blues, soul, roots, and rock through a prism of emotional authenticity. What emerges isn’t a reinvention of the wheel, rather something undeniable, and the very definition of a force of nature. It’s real American music at its core and at its best.


A versatile musician, Alex effortlessly crosses music boundaries and genres. Playing everything from sweet Beale Street blues to West coast swing. From hard Texas grinders to stone cold Chicago grooves with a feeling that is timeless, the audience can’t help but be pulled into the music. Creating the foundation for this soulful player is Alex’s uncle Marc Wilson, a seasoned and much sought after drummer, (Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Marcia Ball, Anson Funderburgh, Ronnie Earl and more) and brother Matthew on bass singing harmonies with Alex that brings to mind the magic of The Everly Brothers. With original songwriting, blistering guitar, and haunting melodies, Alex will capture your heart and soul!

Since October, 2016, there’s been something special happening in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  Soul Symmetry have a combined sound of Blues, Funk, and Rock that will be sure to make ya move and groove.

Their music is influenced by Gov’t Mule, Widespread Panic, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Nirvana, Parliament Funkadelic, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Phish, Santana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and others.